Virtual Production & XR Filming

For long years, Hollywood used Chromakey and green screen backdrops as the primary tool for creating visual effects. In recent years, virtual production technologies are changing the game. For example, the Mandalorian TV series was created platform called StageCraft. If you are interested in virtual development I do recommend to watch below video.

At DynamicStacks LTD, we aimed to turn iPhones to pocket filming studios. XR Filming Location app is designed to replace green screens with a superior technology for indie artists. XR Filming Location shows the backdrop in real time. Moreover, XR Filming location is not limited to fantasy environments, users are able to load virtual stages from a curated lists of photogrammetry and 3d scan file of real environments. So filmmakers can make movies about the ruins of Athens at their bedroom! just like the below Photo!

XR Filming Location Prototype

New iPhones provide huge amount of high speed RAM and GPU Power, We utilized them for your to create stunning photos and videos!

Whether you are indie filmmaker or a vblogger, the XR Filming Location app, eliminates the need for extensive filmmaking budgets. You do not need to travel, you do not need purchase or rent scene accessories, just install the XR Filming Locations and see the magic of augmented reality. Our app loads millions of polygons around you, eliminates your background and render your movies on your iPhones, it seems easy peasy huh?

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